Patricia Martin

Patricia Martin
Writer & Editor Brooklyn, NY



Patricia Martin is a fiction author, writer, editor, and the founder of The Glam Femme, a culture & lifestyle blog.


bio & experience

Patricia Martin is a creative-minded freelance writer and editor whose work has been published in Shine Text, Black Girl NerdsAZ Magazine, and Go Magazine, among others. She is the creator and CEO of the culture and lifestyle blog and brand, The Glam Femme, which has been featured on several online platforms for its focus on accessible fashion, social justice, and diversity. With The Glam Femme, Patricia has also created a series called “Femme Voices”, which spotlights QTPOC artists and entrepreneurs and their contributions to society.

Patricia has always had a passion for helping people, which led her to a career in counseling and social services. With a strong desire to make a greater difference than she could with her BA in Psychology, Patricia pursued her J.D. and earned licenses to practice law in two states. As she continues to expand her resume, she currently holds a position as a policy writer in the compliance field and serves as a copy editor for travel brand, The Runaway. Throughout her professional career of 13 years, she has honed her skills in many forms of technical writing, drafting, and editing.

In addition to writing in the social services and legal fields, Patricia has been writing fiction ever since she can remember and has been writing for her own blog and others for the past 3 years. She is committed to providing services to other creatives who don’t have the time, the desire, or the patience to create written content that will allow them to reach their desired audiences and get their messages across. 

To this end, Patricia not only contributes freelance articles to publications, she writes biographies/about pages and blog articles and provides blog, website, and book proofreading and editing services via The Glam Femme Writing Services.

Besides achieving her educational goals, Patricia considers her biggest accomplishment to be allowing herself to get to a place in life where she felt ready to pursue her dreams and then actually going for them. Being influenced by her mother and grandmother, who emigrated from Jamaica and became entrepreneurs and professionals, Patricia wishes to not only provide excellent services to her clients but also inspire them to know that the sky is the limit when it comes to reaching their goals and that there is no time like today.


Notable quotes

A little guidance, especially in these difficult social and political times, is sometimes necessary to uncover the inner strength we have to survive. What better way to resist than to show the forces of oppression, hate, and injustice that not only are we still here, we are flourishing.
— Addressing Your Mental Health Is A Form Of Resistance
Being a Black woman comes with a lot of baggage that does not get lighter just because my hair looks cute or my #ootd gets 5,000 likes the way it does for those that can put it on as a costume and just as easily choose take it off at the end of the day as if it meant nothing more than the superficial construct they thought it represented.
— Cultural Appropriation: What It Is, What It Is Not And Why It Matters
We must all understand that each person is different and it’s not about being pinpointed as “normal” or “other.” We are individuals, no matter what category we choose to fall under (or not to fall under)...
— What Steven Universe can Teach us about Queerness, Gender Identity, and Feminism
There is no one better to fall in love with than yourself. You are the person who was with you from the very start, and you will be with you until the very end. So count the many ways you are special, and remind yourself every day why you matter. Reward yourself for being such a bomb person and don’t feel guilty when you choose to do something that makes you happy.
— 5 Ways to Put Self-Love Into Action